Friday, December 28, 2007

Lycium Barbarum

Lycium Barbarum)

The True Goji - (Lycium Barbarum) from Tibet & Mongolia is a 8-10 ft. tall Himalayan shrub with very small purple/blue flowers & red fruit. The mildly sweet edible fruits can be eaten fresh or dried or used as most berries are used. These fruits have the highest level of anti oxidants of any food plant & are extensively used in the treatment of cancers. In China studies have documented the immune stimulating properties of the fruit. The Goji has been called the most nutrient-dense substance known due to it's high protein <15%>, B vitamins, amino acid & mineral content.

GOJI SEED: On our Goji Seed, you are guaranteed plants from each seed packet.

EXAMPLE: If you order 1- Packet of 10+ Goji Seed, you are guaranteed 10 Goji Plants from that 10+ seed packet. There are around 100 seeds in each 10+ seed packet. And germination is well over 75%.

Complete Growing & germinating Instructions are included with each Goji Seed Order & help when and if you need it, just E-mail us.

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