Friday, December 21, 2007

Why Goji?

Leading Doctor Finds Four Unique Polysaccharides

Dr. Earl Mindell -- author of the best-selling “Vitamin Bible”-- had long heard the stories about the longevity and healing powers provided by the Goji berry.

These stories have since been confirmed by scientific studies.

Where the Goji berry grows wild – and is used by local healers as a potent medicine – lifespans routinely exceed 100 years.

Seven-Step Process Delivers Maximum Benefit

In its raw form, the Goji Berry is a potent product, but Dr. Mindell invested seven years of his life learning how to refine the juice of the Goji berry.

His seven-step process is difficult, but it allows us to extract the maximum amount of anti-oxidants and four critical polysaccharides that give the Goji Berry its almost miraculous powers.

The result of this research is our Himalayan Goji Juice – the most potent anti-aging formulation in existence.

Polysaccharides The Key

The Goji Berry is unique; it contains four complete polysaccharides (LBP-1, LBP-2, LBP-3, and LBP-4). Polysaccharides are the "generals" of your body's cellular activity; they direct and communicate the activity between your cells.

Polysaccharides are powerful anti-aging substances; they offer a wealth of benefits to those who regularly drink even a small quantity of Himalayan Goji Juice – as little as 1-3 fluid ounces daily (that's around $1 a day – a bargain considering the cost of other supplements).

Powerful All-Natural Anti-Aging Formula

We process Himalayan Goji Juice to preserve the valuable anti-oxidants in the Goji Berry – often several times the level of anti-oxidants offered by blueberries.

Dr. Mindell is convinced it's this combination of nutrients that deliver the benefits to our customers – who tell us they sleep better, have more energy, enjoy boosted immune response and many other benefits.

Scientifically Proven Benefits

More than 50 studies have been conducted on Himalayan Goji Juice and published in health journals like:

  • British Journal of Nutrition
  • Physiology Academic Journal
  • British Journal of Nutrition
  • Nature Reviews Drug Discover
  • International Immunopharmacology
  • China Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Journal of Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Research Communications Molecular Pathology and Pharmacology
  • Journal of Ethnopharmacology
  • Chinese Herbs
  • Hygiene Research
  • Chinese Stomatology
  • Chinese Patent Herbs

Use of Himalayan Goji Juice

Precise dosages aren't necessary, and our seven-step process ensures exceptional potentcy, so as little as 1-3 ounces of Himalayan Goji Juice every day would be sufficient.

Our Himalayan Goji Juice is safe for children. And – unlike so many other supplements and drinks – Himalayan Goji Juice tastes delicious, so children drink it eagerly.

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