Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pure Noni Juice

Did you already have your glass of pure Noni juice today? No? What you mean you don’t like the taste? My grandmother always said that medicine doesn’t necessarily taste good, but it’s all worth it if it works.

New Noni brands accommodating the sensitive taste buds of some Noni fans by diluting the pure Noni juice with water or even mix it with grape or berry juice. Other brands throw some sugar and preservatives in their Noni juice.

I drink Noni juice every morning and to be honest I have never had a problem with the taste. Actually the juice of a ripe Noni is very mild in taste. Only Noni juice of lower quality tastes sour, bitter or even rotten.

Why is it recommended to buy pure Noni juice? Basically because you want to know how much Noni juice you get in each serving. Plus it is much less expensive to mix it with your own berry or grape juice. Why should you pay twice as much for the Noni juice, just because they mixed a little bit of fruit juice in it?

Here is my Orange Noni punch:

1 oz pure Noni juice
6 oz natural Orange juice
Ice cubes

This recipe is delicious and very cooling in the summer.

Make sure that you check the label of your Noni juice. Avoid brands that offer Noni juice that contain additives or preservatives and are diluted with water or fruit juice. Only pure Noni juice processed according to Polynesian tradition will preserve all beneficial nutrients and have a positive influence on your health.

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Anonymous said...

To make sure the juice is pure, you will need to do some research. Check out the company and where the product is really coming from. When you buy noni juice it should not be made from frozen, imported concentrate but actually come from fresh fruit. In this way you will be getting the genuine product and the maximum nutrition from it.