Saturday, December 15, 2007

Buy Xango Juice

Experience the power and miraculous benefits of xanthones, the super-antioxidant found in the mangosteen fruit! XanGo® Juice, a delicious beverage made from mangosteen puree, contains an unprecedented level of xanthones and delivers a nutritional punch that is unmatched. Here at, there are many reasons to purchase your XanGo Juice from us.

The best way to purchase your XanGo Juice is to become an wholesale member ( also known as a distributor) . Becoming a member is much like joining Costco or Sam's Club, you purchase the membership for $35.00 and receive a special wholesale price plus the following membership advantages. It only takes a few minutes to Join XanGo, LLC. The membership more than pays for itself in a short period of time when you compare retail -vs- wholesale pricing.

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