Thursday, December 27, 2007

Himalayan Goji Juice Featured in New World and Woman's World Magazines

Himalayan Goji Juice has been the subject of a great deal of media attention over the past 12 months. In fact in analysis an incredible amount of positive attention.

goji juice and berry and Mischa Barton Madonna

Mischa's immaculate complexion is the result of a daily dose of goji juice.

Woman's World Magazine Article about the goji berry

New Woman magazine in Australia just last week ran an article in which they stated Mischa Barton, Liz Hurley and Madonna couldn’t get enough of the super antioxidant goji berry and showed on of the bottles. In the magazine they also wrote that drinking goji daily has been reported to reduce cellulite, protect cells (anti-aging), and even to improve concentration. A caption to a picture in the articles states, Mischa’s immaculate complexion is the result of a daily dose of goji juice. NBC’s Today Show ran a wonderful story on Himalayan Goji Juice. But there’s even more positive press. Time magazine the people who have the “Man of the Year” every year, named the Goji Berry the Super Fruit of the Year.

If that was all the news that would be pretty fantastic, but there is even more. Woman’s World magazine just this past week has published a very nice article concerning the goji berry titled Chinese Miracle Berries for Perfect Health. For over 6000 years herbalists in China have studied and used the goji berry, referring to it as the longevity herb. Blueberries, better watch out move over, there’s a new king of the superfruits in town, the goji berry. If that was all the free publicity that would be great but late in January the Saturday Evening Post will be publishing another exciting article about the goji berry.


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