Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some good effects of Goji Juice

It makes the metabolism strong, has good nutritious value and also it affects the life period. Research and analysis results that goji juice is influence the growth rate and can contribute towards a long life.

Goji is a berry, which is not commonly found and can be used in making this special juice. It is seen that some of the old people have it as the secret of the long life and in east part of the world they have a long life and gives the credit to the Goji juice. Scientists have found some of the very important anti-oxidants in it, which prevents the body to break in dead cells and grow old.
Currently, Goji juice has become a product in the market so it is very easy to get Goji juice from the market without any kind of hard work. So this important juice can be easily be used by everyone owing to the advancement of science and technology.
Western health food companies regularly promote Goji juice and extort which are derivative from the “Tibetan goji berry ” although Tibet is only one of many sites in Asia where the fruit grows in nature

What Is Goji Juice

For its supposedly influential pro-immune system and anti-cancer properties Goji Juice is promoted recently and is becoming popular with time. One of the major successes of goji juice is its positive effect on Human Libido. A match of customary Chinese medicine (TCM) for centuries, the North American health and wellness industry has newly detained on Goji juice as the “next big thing” on the basis of its subjective benefits. Often quoted is the case of a Chinese man named Li Qing Yuen who lived to the very mature old age of 252 and, it is accredited to his daily consumption of Goji Plant Berries. In areas where the Goji berry grows uncultivated, the local people refer to it by the informal name “happy berry” due to the satisfying, passive feeling ingesting them is supposed to persuade. The berry is renowned in local festivals and the dried fruits and bark are used as components in a lot of foods and therapeutic mixtures.
Goji Juice has no harmful effect and there is no prescribed amount of consumption. Anyone can take it in suitable quantity.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


The key to a longer, healthier life just might be a single nutrient-packed berry.
A life expectancy of more than 100 years is not uncommon in some remote areas of the world. Even more interesting is the fact that these centenarians live long lives that are filled with health and vitality. Most of these people do not experience high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, many types of cancer, and the crippling pain of arthritis and degenerative diseases that we do here. Even as they age, their vision is sharp, they have energy and strength, and their minds are clear.
There is a region on the West Elbow Plateau of the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia where people have lived to be more than 120 years old. And the people of West Elbow are not the only ones to enjoy an extremely long life. In a remote region of southwestern China, in the tiny hamlet of Pinghan, which is located deep within a stand of limestone hills, the people there also experience extremely long lives. There are more than 74 centenarians and 237 residents who have reached their 90s in Pinghan and the surrounding area. That's one of the highest concentrations of elderly people per capita in the world, according to Chen Jinchao, a surgeon who has run the Guangxi Bama Long Life Research Institute for the past 10 years.
Living longer and healthier lives is not exclusive to these two small tribal villages. A small handful of cultures where people live well into their 90s and beyond exist and are scattered across the mountains of Asia. Although the inhabitants of these areas where longevity exists and thrives might not know of the existence of the others, they all have some very important things in common: They live in isolated and sometimes inaccessible places. This isolation keeps them away from the more harmful influences of modern Western civilization. They don't know what it means to eat processed or fast foods. Their diet consists mainly of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains; and it is low in animal fats. Most importantly, many of these people that live long and healthy lives consume regular daily helpings of a tiny red fruit that just happens to be the world's most powerful anti-aging food, the goji berry.