Thursday, December 27, 2007

Why Is Hollywood Crazy For This Goji Berry?

Hollywood's hottest new food comes from Tibet, looks like a red raisin and tastes like a cranberry crossed with a cherry. The Goji berry is nature's little miracle—packed full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamin C (500 times more than oranges!) and essential fatty acids. The powerful berries, are also said to be a secret weapon against aging. No wonder celbs love them! Murad is adding Goji extract to its skincare line, but the easiest way to get a Goji fix is to follow the example of LA's Kinara Spa and CafĂ© and add a handful of berries to a salad or trail mix.

You just read about how celebrities and Hollywood has gone for goji in a big way. In fact recently goji was featured at the Emmy Awards. Many well known actors and actresses enjoyed the great taste and benefits of Himalayan Goji Juice.

Also a recent episode of MTV Cribs - featured professional volleyball player and former model Gabrielle Reece and her professional big wave surfer husband Laird Hamilton. MTV Cribs is a program that showcases celebrity homes -

When asked what was in their refrigerator, they opened it to reveal a bottle of Himalayan Goji Juice just chillin' in there. Laird, who was featured in the August 7, 2006 edition of Sports Illustrated, pointed out, "This is our Himalayan Goji Juice"! The goji berry is gaining a lot of attention these days. Time Magazine made it their Superfruit of the Year. It was also featured on the Today show as well as other magazines and publications. Check out the Time Magazine article on the Goji Berry - click here!

Plus they're making a movie about 3 long distant runners who challenge the Sahara Desert with Himalayan Goji Juice. They are becoming the first men to attempt to run across Africa and the Sahara Desert. And they are using goji juice as their edge to help them attempt to complete this tremendous journey. Here's what one of them had to say: I've been an ultra endurance athlete for 20 years and have tried every fitness and nutritional product available to me. Himalayan Goji Juice has provided THE most powerful and fastest results I have ever experienced.

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