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Benefits of Goji Juice

If you'd as if to initiate specific decent unrest in your diet, there are a plethora of foods who end up with heaps of nutrition and flavor for you to snack on. Setting chips and soda pop aside when you experience a habit of munching is not easy, but new offerings on the sector are bound to please.

One of the most recent well being foods to hit put in shelves are goji berries. The efficient red fruit are commonly purchased dried, fancy raisins, and fashion for handy snacking on the go. Goji berry juice is additionally on hand on input shelves and more than the internet. However, not all Goji packages are of the same the best so it is drastic to attain absolute too the kind you buy uses the top factors and the healthiest processes.

The taste of a goji berry is comparable to a cross between a tart cranberry and a round raisin, that pleases various individuals who fancy somewhat a small bit in between. The texture of the dried goji berries rates on fairly hard to soft and chewy, depending on the total quantity of dehydration expended in preparation. There's no wish to add water; just now own a pitiful bag on hand and pop particular goji berries in your mouth when you feel you fancy somewhat to munch on.

Goji berry juice is a excellent unorthodox to round drinks want soda pop overly do not find anything and everything in the way of nutrition. Not easily are you helping to hydrate your person by drinking juice, you are additionally presenting your person the vitamins and nutrition it needs. Goji berry juice is turning out easy to find, and one certain kind offered on the economic is Goji Zen berry juice.

You can add goji berries to your meals for chosen color and a new taste sensation. Slice them up and toss to a the best rice pilaf or add one or two to stews. Sprinkle goji berries during salads or pasta. You'll put up yourself putting in goji berries to all of it you eat and the nutritional rates would be a godsend to your body!

Health Benefits of Goji Juice

The unusual extent of vitality advantages together with anything and everything of indemnity of the liver to improved circulation the current can be gained from what i read in consuming goji berries, greater amount of and a greater amount of purchasers are searching for out these kinds of tiny amount wonders. But how do you can appreciate spot on how compose of the goji berries is supposed to extend you the top nutrition and all of the quality of life service the present you are rendering them for in the initial place?

The two a good amount of popular forms who you can produce goji berries input goji juice and dried goji berries. Both can be an superb way of inserting the sharp assistance of goji berries to your diet.

The dried goji berries attain a fantastic snack and it has the advantage through goji juice when it comes to portability. You can slap a little going back in your purse, brief case, or going back pack and eat them for the duration of out your day based on information from just recently something like anywhere, continuing to the subway or the car. You are in addition buying the direct fruit and in several examples there are no perservatives for you to suffer to apprehension something like as is the situation investing in selected goji berry juices.

Drinking goji berry juice alternatively of the dried berries; however, has a few funny things advantages. For one, a lot of consumers obtain it simpler to drink a glass of juice as opposed to to scoff downhill a handful of berries. And the present is very real if you do not service for the taste of the berries that can are liable to be a bit on the bitter side. With goji berry juice you can mix it at structure amongst your greater amount of prefered fruit juices to assist mask the taste and sweeten the bitterness up a bit. So goji juice may let you affix the nutrition and vitality help of many fruits and berries in a single glass. And you can ever mix a large pitcher of your own customized juice cocktail in the Evening and chill it so the present you can enjoy a good refreshing glass of juice whenever you want, exceptionally on individuals center summer days when drinking soda or a lot of sugared drinks will be able to clearly dehydrate you more.

Goji berries both as dried berries or as juice provide you a wide cycle of well being good things and so it is in effect a issue of tailored opportunity or best yet, why not own both. Mix a handful of merries to your cereal or trail mix and pour yourself a terrific refreshing glass of juice on persons hot afternoons.

Buy Goji Juice Online

Goji berries originated in the Himalayas, and there are most vitality help so experience continued directly linked to such good berries. Goji berries experience been heard substantiated to provide the longevity of life. Certain tribes in Himalayan's too consumed goji berries on a usual basis, lived to be in a hundred decades old, coming back when the normal livlihood length of a human making was a great deal shorter. This is positively a testament to the advantages of goji berries.

Goji berries in addition increase in value a folks fuel and strength, and this moment is why goji juice is the right drink if you are athletic and seek too remain up your stamina up. You serves to say too goji berries are a normal non&wshyp;traditional to steroids. goji berries godsend individuals provided above average blood pressure sustain a terrific blood pressure rate, and properties moreover boon those sustain routine cholesterol value and liver functions.

Research the has kept on conducted on goji berries has revealed who such berries benefits relieve menstrual discomfort, and properties soar the human impervious function by enhancing blood cells too aid the person in vying off infections and diseases. People suffer reported too these kinds of berries too be them check and feel younger. the is a result of the ample total amount of antioxidants which are contained in goji berries.

In-order to ascertain the quality of life service of goji berries, you trouble to take a give the impression at the goji berries nutritional facts. These realities substantiate such a goji berries contains 500 times a large amount of vitamin C per ounce as opposed to your routine oranges. Limoleic acid the is at last found in a goji berries burns excess person fat, and step ups lean muscle mass. Goji berries furthermore contain funny things beta carotene as opposed to carrots, currently is why properties are outstandingly top notch for your eyes.

These berries suffer a lot quality of life bonuses overly can be enjoyed only by drinking a glass of goji juice on a daily basis. researchers in the quality of life sector hold alleged the drinking 2oz of goji juice on a daily cause for simply 3 weeks, are able to bost your impervious system. This comes about due to the fact that goji berries contain amino acids, and minerals the current augment a people grey blood cell function by 300%. Goji juice promotes health, and therefore it will be able to undergo a place at the breakfast table each morning.

Goji Chi: Goji Juice Research

Drinking Goji juice is one of the perfect ways to substantiation your untouchable system. This is due to the fact that these types of fruits undergo a insane concentration of anti toxins. Goji additionally has exorbitant numbers of Polysaccharides, that is planning to validation your untouchable system. Goji Juice moreover has multiple vitamins and minerals.

Research has been heard carried out to prove how Goji juice can substantiation your invulnerable system.

When Freelife grown the new product GoChi juice, properties did a test to see its potency on the invulnerable system. They did a dual blind placebo test for 30 days. Sure an adequate amount of when the consequences came in properties at last found the concerns had indeed stimulated the impervious method when properties drank the Goji Juice. This news story has should documented tips the Freelife's new Goji juice drink.

How performs Goji juice validation your invulnerable system?

~ Gets rid of free of charge radicals: Anti toxins am able to endeavor to neutralize and get rid of free of charge radicals, that can form up in your person and eliminate your cells.

~ Polysaccharides: Goji juice is above the usual in Polysaccharides, that are required sugars. These substances soar cell to cell communication and too validation your invulnerable system.

~ Minerals and vitamins: such elements make it easier for your general person to function correctly. In reality without them you may be nutrient deprived.

Other Goji offerings this substantiation your invulnerable system:

~ Fresh fruits: Juice is not the sole generate which these kinds of fruits turn up in. You can moreover receive them in the likely berry form. The current Goji berries are fairly hard to arrive by but are price levels it as properties am able to undergo maximum potency to substantiation your invulnerable system.

~ Dried berries: They too appear in a dried form. Although the Goji fruits am able to consume a efficient quantity of nutrition properties would a great deal be able to substantiation your invulnerable system.

You can add both forms of berries to yogurt or your prefered recipes. It is moreover a healthy addition to your breakfast cereal.

How to get Goji products?
It is easy to buy Goji Juice or Berries of your local well being food store, if properties suffer a smart selection. You can in addition check online for a dealer. You might desire to be gloomy and decide on an honest company.

You could difficulty to shop all over to get the right values and quality, for maximum performance to substantiation your invulnerable system. As always, you provided that seem for a level product from what i read in a reputable company.

Goji Juice Scams

Goji juice is juice based on the goji fruit or berry and is a greater amount of and a multitude of accepted as invested in a sharp quality of life potential. You can buy their elixir in quality of life food stores as favorably as online. However, be on the look out for a larger amount of scams! There a a large amount of of them out there.

When we say "goji juice scam" we mainly merciless one out of two really multitude of scams. One of these types of can relate to the unique of the advertised goji juice. Let's say the current an advertisement did not talk about Himalayan goji berries. This might be witnessed as a goji juice scam as just the Himalayan berries hold a nutritional profile this includes finish to one dozen unusual ingredients.

While there is at minimum one goji juice scam overly deprives shoppers of a happy valuable goji juice, there is yet a second, no fewer chancy build for such sort of scam. The minute goji scam questions the nature of info on one mineral in the goji juice. The instant scam leaves out all of the obtainable data on a mineral dubbed selenium.

Selenium is a mineral too can act to fewer a man's chance of prostate cancer can be added to the diet by drinking goji juice. Selenium has the decent ability to ongoing or inhibit the existence of cancer. Researchers suffer connected selenium's cancer-fighting abilities to the action of a small amount of enzymes. This mineral aids the generation of folks enzymes, so providing it the capacity to ward-off cancer risks. At the up to date moment surveys experience confirmed the present a daily intake of at minimum 70 micrograms of selenium given that be the task of all who want to stay free of charge of cancer

Now the suggesting of these tips on the selenium mineral provided not be witnessed as a goji juice scam. If, however, the imparter of the current info tried to encourage individuals to a daily intake of supplementary as opposed to 70 micrograms of selenium, subsequently too were able to be observed as a goji juice scam. That is when it is prospective for a past customer to eat too a good deal of presently mineral.

If one got to eat a level far above 100 micrograms every day, when that happens who excess extent of selenium am able to make for nausea, bad breath, rash, dizziness, weakness and cold symptoms. Further, consuming larger number of as opposed to 60 micrograms of selenium per day is bad for pregnant women when a excessive intake of selenium has in a good number of reports appeared to be related to birth complications.

A man who wants to get out of prostate cancer - and who does not - needs a somewhat unusual diet as opposed to a woman who is carrying a child. That happening ought to be included in any severe literature almost selenium. This could moreover be raised in an advertisement for goji juice or on its packaging as the failure to highlight which occurence can be witnessed as a goji juice scam.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

History of Goji Juice

Goji is principally an eastern name, which has come in several eastern languages. This goji plant is located principally in the Himalayan areas where, the conditions are the most acceptable for the existence of Goji plants. Chinese naturopaths and healthcare professionals presume Goji to be an old Chinese fruit. There are the stories in Chinese parables, which recognize the Goji as the fruit of immortality.

Chinese naturopaths acheive the Goji plants as there remedy for the long time as 250 years.

Indian Ayurveda recognizes goji berry from himalaya as an extremely significant fruit in Medicare.

To find the right Goji juice, it is critical to get it from a recognized company and it should have some of the products of naturopathy related to its work. Some of the sites could be found with the search engines where you'll find the Goji juice and can have it by ordering on net.

What's Goji Juice

Himalayan goji berries and Chinese goji berries are similarly effective when it comes to health but there's a difference in taste.

Either way, this wonderful small fruit with its health and anti-aging benefits, together with exercise, more of an animal product free diet including fresh herbs, plenty of water and clean air, might extraordinarily well be your fountain of youth. With modern technology we are able to now research the make up and parts and health advantages of goji berries ( AKA wolfberries ).

* contains polysaccharides which control the pituitary glands that produce HGH ( human expansion hormone ) which is a robust anti-aging hormone. * can be employed by pregnant ladies to relieve morning illness. * Has in clinical trials shown a partial reversal in sexual dysfunction in seniors.

* Used to lift the function of the immune mechanism. * Helps the body detox, cleans the blood and build the immune mechanism. * They contain nineteen amino acids including the eight necessary amino acids. * Has more Beta-carotene than carrots ( which changes to vitamin * and has a total range of antioxidants. * Has vitamin E which is incredibly rare in fruits. * They have necessary greasy acids like omega six and linoleic acid that control hormones. Goji Berry Juice has no dangerous effect and there's no prescribed amount of consumption.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chi3 Energy

What does Chi3 Energy do?

You'll feel alert, focused, and ready to go without the jitters or the sugar crash that can come from drinking high-calorie canned energy drinks. Learn more about Chi3 Energy

What's it for?

There may be other energy drinks, but there's only one king of the mountain, and that's Chi3 Energy. It's the only energy drink powered by GoChi®, the incredible goji berry super juice that's been clinically shown to increase energy, fight fatigue, and improve mental function and athletic performance.

What's in it?

Chi3 Energy is scientifically formulated to deliver smooth, long-lasting energy. Metabolism-enhancing B-vitamins and mind-nourishing amino acids are skillfully combined with a healthy splash of green tea and a full ounce of our proprietary GoChi to give you just the right lift.

The Science behind GoChi and Goji Juice

Scientific researchers from major universities around the world are confirming goji's remarkable health benefits. The vast majority of this research is focused on goji's unique polysaccharide molecules. To date, more than 80 studies have already been published in prestigious health journals, including:

  • PubMed - A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Clinical Study of the General Effects of a Standardized Lycium barbarum (Goji) Juice, GoChi) is available in PubMed. ( is a U.S. government sponsored search engine for accessing abstracts of biomedical research articles. It is run by the United States National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.) British Journal of Nutrition
  • International Immunopharmacology
  • European Journal of Pharmacology
  • Chinese Oncology Magazine
  • China Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Cell Biology International
  • Journal of Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Journal of Ethnopharmacology
  • Journal of Experimental Therapeutics and Oncology
  • Chinese Patent Herb
  • Research Communications Molecular Pathology and Pharmacology
  • Chinese Patent Herbs
  • Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
  • Physiology Academic Journal
  • Chinese Stomatology
  • PubMed - A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Clinical Study of the General Effects of a Standardized Lycium barbarum (Goji) Juice, GoChi) is available in PubMed. ( is a U.S. government sponsored search engine for accessing abstracts of biomedical research articles. It is run by the United States National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.)
  • And Many More...

Himalayan Goji Juice in the News!

  • Time Magazine Exclaims: "This Year's breakout (super fruit) was the Himalayan Goji Berry, said to be a source of energy and longevity."
  • BBC News Magazine boasts: "Slender celebrities have been singing the praises of Goji"
  • Los Angeles Times reports: "Tibetan and Chinese legends tell of people who lived century-long lives while retaining the strength and beauty of youth -- thanks to Lycium (Goji)."
  • Woman's World headlines: "The Amazing Asian Super-Juice!"
  • New Woman Magazine boasts: "The latest super fruit to take Hollywood by storm is the Himalayan Goji Berry."
  • The Today Show featured "Himalayan Goji Juice as "What's Hot for 2006" "Goji... packed with antioxidants."
  • Woman's Golf says: "Himalayan Goji Berry is the latest super food."

The Himalayan Goji Juice Difference

Himalayan Goji Juice is far and away the best-selling goji product in the world. No one else even comes close! Here's why:

  • More doctors and health practitioners are using and recommending Himalayan Goji Juice than any other goji product in the world.
  • FreeLife International is the company that created the goji berry phenomena and the entire category. They are the category creator.
  • FreeLife has invested ears of scientific research on the goji berry before brining it to market..
  • FreeLife is the company that identified goji's unique polysaccharide molecules, not found in any other plant on earth as the primary source of it's health benefits.
  • FreeLife is the first and only company that has developed a "Spectral Signature," or fingerprint, to identify goji's unique polysaccharide molecules.
  • FreeLife is the first and only company that has designed a standardized goji berry juice that delivers high potency polysaccharides in every bottle.
  • FreeLife's Himalayan Goji Juice is certified by its Spectral Signature to ensure potency, purity and authenticity in every bottle.
  • FreeLife is the ONLY company that offers a 90-day, 100% money back, unconditional guarantee on every bottle of Himalayan Goji Juice that is sold.
  • Himalayan Goji Juice tastes great! Really!

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Ginseng Tea

While there are numerous claims about the health benefits from drinking Korean Ginseng Tea, we recommend that you try both White Ginseng Tea and Red Ginseng Tea. The difference has more to do with the processing of the root than properties of the root itself. Experts say that it is difficult to distinguish a difference in taste.

Although red ginseng tea costs more than twice as much as white ginseng tea, red ginseng is considerably more popular in the Orient. Korean ginseng tea is more expensive than domestic teas because the root must grow for at least 4 years before it is harvested. Processing is a complicated and painstaking process. Shipping, tariffs, and packaging must also be factored into the final price. As you may have noticed, it is nearly impossible to find Korean red ginseng tea in retail outlets.


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Noni Super Juice helps maintain cholesterol at healthy levels?

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Goji Juice

Chinese researchers and health care experts assume Goji to be a very old Chinese fruit. The problem with most Goji juice on the market today is that it tastes horrible. There are only a few out there that have a nice smooth taste.