Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some Facts About Goji Juice

The highlands region between Russia and China is home to many of the world's longest living people. these individual's happen to eat regular helpings of a pea-sized fruit from which goji juice is derived.

This berry is considered by certain research scientists to be the best anti-aging food in existence.

It is therefore legendary in Asia in general and the Himilayan region in particular, where it is has been historically associated with general vitality & longevity, while contemporary science verifies that there may be no berry with more antioxidants than the wolf berry. The wolf berry, or goji berry (technically known as Lycium barbarum) is of course where goji juices comes from.

This juice is blessed with 4 formidable polysaccharides (which are key phytonutrient compounds) that command and monitor some of the body's primary defense systems. A plethera of published research studies have concluded that these polysaccharides are the top bioactive parts of the berry in question. Some researchers like Dr. Earl Mendell consider drinking Goji Juice to be better than just eating the berry, as the actual quality of available goji berries can sometimes vary radically, and there is also the chance that the polysaccharides in the dried berries have already oxidized and thus degraded by the time you injest them. The liquid form is also easier to digest and enters your system faster. You can find additional research materials at Goji Juice Facts If you do decide to eat the dried berry itself, just understand that there is more than one particular kind of goji berry.

In fact, just as there are number of different kinds of grapes used in wine, there is a plethera of goji varieties. We are talking more than forty species of it growing in Tibet region of China alone. How much goji juice should one drink? Some researchers, including Dr. Mendell, recommend drinking two ounces daily, but drinking more than that does not appear to cause any negative side effects. Individual's will receive health benefits within different time frames depending upon variables such as their body's specific nutritional needs, but the majority of individuals will start to notice results in less than a month.

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Mantis Hugo said...

There are pros and cons of consuming Goji Berries. The pros are that you get relief from most of the health problems. It cures your bad vision, skin infection, pimples, acne and even aids you in weight loss. On the other hand if you consume too much of Goji berries then you may suffer from irritable bowel. So limit your intake of Goji Berry Juice up to 1 glass every day.