Saturday, July 7, 2007

Goji Juice for Your Dog's Health

At any stage of your dog’s life, proper nutrition is the key for total health and vitality. Superior nutrition can help your dog not only sustain life but also manage certain health conditions.

Himalayan Goji berry juice packs in more vital nutrients than any other known substance and is unmatched in its health promoting powers.

Researchers have discovered that Goji is a goldmine of highly bioactive polysaccarides, so unique that they are referred to as ‘master molecules’ by virtue of their ability to harness the body’s most important biochemical defense systems. Goji has been known to boost immune systems up to 300%!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Chinese Miracle Food

There is a lot of talk about goji berries on the market today, which makes one wonder about what this so-called miracle fruit really is. The goji berries come from a vine-like plant that can sometimes reach 15-20 feet in height. This is commonly found in the Ningxia Province of China. Many people describe the goji berry plant as a mix between a grape vine, and a tomato creeper.

The berries when matured are collected by shaking the vines on specially made mats where they are dried up in the sun. It is very important that the human hand does not touch these berries when they are fresh because they will immediately get oxidized and turn black.

Goji Berrys are Known by Different Names in the International Market

The dried goji berrys are in high demand in the global market and hence they are also know by various names. Since they originate from China, there are often referred to as 'Chinese Wolfberries' or 'Oriental Wolfberries'. However, the correct scientific name is, Lyceum Barbarum. These berries are only used dried, and at that time they look like raisins but only very bright red in color. The fresh berries are never touched by hand since they get oxidized and turn black and thereby lose their invaluable properties.

Why are the Dried Goji Berrys in Demand?

There are many uses for these berries; the most common being it's anti-oxidant properties. According to ORAC (Oxidation Radical Absorbance Capacity) testing, the recommended number of units of antioxidants that a person should consume should be minimum 5000-7000 (calculated in ORAC units). In comparison, the dried goji berrys contain 22,000 units per gram which is just amazing.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

What are Goji Berries?

The goji berry is a fruit from the Himalayan region of Tibet. It is commonly made into juice that has many wonderful benefits. The juice is a wonderful nutritional supplement if it is consumed on a daily basis. The Chinese have known about the health, and anti-aging aspects of the fruit for thousands of years.The goji berry, or Lycium Barbarum berry, grows on a bush primarily in the Himalayan region of Central Asia. Legend has it that goji berries dropped off their vine and into a well. The monks who drank the water were exceptionally long-lived and healthy. Attributing their vitality to the goji berries, the monks spread the word about the health benefits of this fruit. Through the centuries, goji berries became a staple among healing plants.

Why is the Goji Berry or Guji Juice Good for you?

The goji berry contains powerful antioxidants that are believed to slow the aging process, strengthen the immune system and the heart. It contains essential amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, Omega 6 fatty acid, Linoleic acid, B-complex vitamins, and more beta-carotene than carrots.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Goji berry-ancient herb, new discovery

If you are not familiar with the Goji berry, you may soon be reading and hearing more about it. This little red berry has been consumed for thousands of years by communities of people throughout Asia. Within the past decade, scientific research has been documenting the constituents of this herb and finding links with numerous health benefits.

As early as the first century A.D., the ancient Asian medical text "Divine Farmer's Handbook of Natural Medicine" (Shen Nong Ben Cao) extolled this berry's medicinal virtues. Some of its health benefits touted today are protection from premature aging; stimulation of hGH (human growth hormone), the "youth hormone"; increase of energy and strength; maintainence of healthy blood pressure, enhancement of sexual function, support of eye health, improvement in memory; and headache relief, to name a few.

There are two primary types of Lycium Goji berries that are used medicinally. One type, grown mainly in China, is the Lycium Chinense, often referred to as Chinese wolfberry, matrimony vine, or Chinese boxthorn. The other is Lycium Barbarum, which grows in various regions of Asia such as Tibet and Inner Mongolia.

The Goji berry has been used in traditional Mongolian and Tibetan medicine for centuries. In Asian herbalism, the Tibetan Goji berry is among the most revered of sexual tonic herbs, used to increase sexual fluids and enhance fertility. In Mongolia, it is commonly used by first trimester mothers to prevent morning sickness.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Goji and Pets Testimonials

Being a Goji juice drinker, I decided to start him on an ounce a day. Well, the rest of the story is he has now been drinking Goji juice for the past year, no longer in pain and he is jumping all over even onto my bed. I happen to sleep in an adjustable bed and it doesn't matter how high I have it, he still is able to jump. A real plus, he has stopped snoring which is a trait of the Pugs. Now we are truly a Goji Family.
Elaine, Maryland

Our dog, Teddy, had either an ear infection or ear mites. We tried th e ear cleaner and ear mite medicine from the pet store and with minimal results. We started giving Teddy one ounce of goji at night when mom drinks hers. On day 3, yes, after only 3 days, the symptoms were gone! We're still cleaning some stuff from his ear, but no more rubbing, scratching or tilting his head. I urge you to share goji with the pets you love!
Natalie R., Ohio

Our daughter's guinea pig's skin rash looks better and his fur has grown back beautifully - he loves Goji juice, and I don't believe that a guinea pig is going to be affected by a placebo effect! We know it's the Goji!
Caroline M., Auckland, New Zealand

Roxanne, my 8-year-old black lab, had arthritis and could hardly walk up the steps. But after taking goji for only 1 week she is now back running and playing like a puppy again.
Cheryl C., Virginia

You Can't Drink Too Much

Just like orange juice and apple juice, there is no risk of drinking too much Goji Juice. But, after you experience Goji Juice, you will find that no other juice can compare. You and your entire family will enjoy the energizing health benefits from this nutrient rich, 100% juice beverage.

For overall good health, we suggest that you start with two ounces of Goji Juice daily. Current research indicates that the greatest benefit may be realized by drinking up to four ounces per day. Goji Juice can be taken as is, or mixed with your favorite hot or cold beverage.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen juice is a tropical fruit beverage made by liquefying the seeds, rind, and flesh of the Southeast Asian mangosteen. Mangosteens, Garcina mangostana, are native to countries such as Malaysia, the Phillippines, and Thailand. Now they are also cultivated in Brazil and India for American importers. They bottle mangosteen juice as a supposed miracle cure containing unprecedented amounts of antioxidants and xanthones.

The mangosteen is the size of an apple, with a thick rind and interior white segments like an orange, and large seeds. As with many fruits, the mangosteen is rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, potassium, iron, and calcium. The mangosteen is not widely available in America, so the juice must be imported. While nutritionists have not tested the countless claims of mangosteen juice bottlers, many companies profess that this "Queen of Fruit" can cure everything from cancer to dysentery to bacterial infections. They base this on a few sporadic studies in the laboratory, or on animals, that have shown positive benefits of doses of xanthones and antioxidants, compounds found in various fruits.

No major studies on humans have proven that drinking mangosteen juice on a daily basis would offer significant improvement in illness. However, increasing one's daily dosage of antioxidants, even from supplements, has been proven to boost our absorption of vitamins and therefore strengthen immunity. Yet, the difference between doubling our intake of antioxidants and increasing it tenfold has the same results. Therefore, mangosteen juice has no significant advantage over a healthy diet of fruits and vegetbales rich in antioxidants, as yet.