Sunday, December 23, 2007

Adding Goji Berries to Your Diet

If you’d like to make some healthy changes in your diet, there are plenty of foods that provide lots of nutrition and flavor for you to snack on. Setting chips and soda pop aside when you have a habit of munching isn’t easy, but new products on the market are bound to please.

One of the newest health foods to hit store shelves are goji berries. The small red fruit are commonly sold dried, like raisins, and make for handy snacking on the go. Goji berry juice is also available on store shelves and over the internet. However, not all Goji products are of the same quality so it is important to make sure that the brand you buy uses the best ingredients and the healthiest processes.

The taste of a goji berry is comparable to a cross between a tart cranberry and a sweet raisin, which pleases many people who like something a little in between. The texture of the dried goji berries ranges from quite hard to soft and chewy, depending on the amount of dehydration used in preparation. There’s no need to add water; just have a small bag on hand and pop some goji berries in your mouth when you feel you need something to munch on.

Goji berry juice is a nice alternative to sweet drinks like soda pop that don’t offer anything in the way of nutrition. Not only are you helping to hydrate your body by drinking juice, you’re also giving your body the vitamins and nutrition it needs. Goji berry juice is becoming easy to find, and one particular brand offered on the market is Goji Zen berry juice.

You can add goji berries to your meals for some color and a new taste sensation. Slice them up and toss into a healthy rice pilaf or add some to stews. Sprinkle goji berries over salads or pasta. You’ll find yourself adding goji berries to everything you eat and their nutritional value will be a benefit to your body!

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