Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time Magazine The Goji Berry is the Superfruit of the Year

Last July, the Los Angeles Times wrote a tremendous article on the goji berry. This July, TIME Magazine, the world's largest news magazine with over 28 million readers, has just named the Himalayan Goji Berry as the breakout Superfruit of the Year!!! Referring to the Himalayan Goji Berry as a source of energy and longevity, the July 24th article was focused on those superfruits that have better health credentials than others. And the Himalayan Goji Berry was the Number 1 breakout of the year!!!As we have said from day 1, Himalayan Goji Juice will become a billion dollar brand and the most successful functional beverage of its kind because it has great history, great science, gives great results and tastes great. No other product in the marketplace can make that claim, and now no other product in the world can state that TIME Magazine called their raw ingredient, the Himalayan Goji Berry, the BREAKOUT SUPERFRUIT OF THE YEAR!

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