Saturday, December 22, 2007

Freelife Goji Juice Breaking News

Freelife In Trouble!
Goji Juice and Freelife Report

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on Freelife's Earl Mindell and Goji Juice.

Investigative reporter Wendy Mesley from the well known and award winning Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has just released an expose on well-known Freelife promoter Earl Mindell and the purported benefits of Himalayan Goji Juice.

Quotes and partial transcript from the above Goji Juice Freelife CBC video report:

CBC’s Wendy Mesley to Freelife’s Earl Mindell: "You’re misleading people."
CBC’s Wendy Mesley to Freelife’s Earl Mindell: "People aren't told that you could drink a glass of grape juice and get the same benefit."

Dr Steven Seiger (researcher of natural health products for cancer treatment at McMaster University): "Modern science has not anywhere NEAR proven that the Goji berry has any effect on practically any of the ailments that they are claiming it has an effect on."

Dr. Steven Seiger: "If you are gong to market something and say it does something and you haven't done the research to show that, it is basically deceit. And it is also very expensive deceit for those people who are actually buying it for that particular purpose."

Freelife’s Earl Mindell: "My goal is to close half the hospitals!"

CBC's Wendy Mesley: "And at every presentation we witnessed, Mindell touts that breast cancer study he told us about earlier."
Freelife’s Earl Mindell: (from stage at a Freelife meeting) "A researcher from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, which, by the way, is probably one of the most prestigious cancer research center in the Untied states, here's what they said, and you've got to listen to every word here. 'lyceum barbarum – inhibits – growth - of hormone - responsive – human – breast – cancer - cells.'"

CBC's Wendy Mesley: "We call Sloan-Kettering, and they're angry their name is being used to promote Goji"

Memorial Sloan Kettering: "They are making false claims."

Memorial Sloan Kettering: "No one here has ever done any research on Goji juice or lyceum barbarum."

CBC’s Wendy Mesley: "and it turns out it is not even their scientist that did the study that Mindell keeps flaunting."

(NOTE: Dr Bradlow from Hackensack University Medical Center is the lead scientist on the Goji study)
CBC’s Wendy Mesley asking Dr. Bradlow about the study: "So there's no proof that [Goji Juice] would [prevent cancer] in a human?"
Dr. Bradlow: "Absolutely not. I don't have proof that it would have that effect in a tumor in a MOUSE, let alone a person."

Dr Bradlow: "It's Unbelievable how many unscrupulous souls that are out there trying to peddle an unproven product."

CBC’s Wendy Mesley: "They talk about Mindell like he’s a medical doctor. But he’s not. His claim to Dr. is his PHD in nutrition. We see “doctor” everywhere. Well, we find out Mindell’s PHD is from Pacific Western, and unaccredited university."

CBC's Wendy Mesley: "Aren't you misleading people by telling them all this science that is suspect?"
Freelife’s Earl Mindell: "I'm not misleading people. I'm a registered pharmacist I have a PHD in Nutrition..."
CBC's Wendy Mesley: "But it's an unaccredited university."
Freelife’s Earl Mindell: “It's, it’s accredited in every state in the Union."

NOTE: The Washington Post reports that Pacific Western University is unaccredited institution in "Public Paid for Bogus Degrees"

NOTE: A news report including Pacific Western University: "Degrees for Sale" KVOA TV - NEWS 4

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