Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Frequently asked Questions about Goji

What is Goji berry?

Goji berry is a fruit found in Himalayas, which is related to some myths of the old Asian stories. It is found that Goji berry have some of the extraordinary qualities for the human body, as it can affect the growing age factor and can work on body nutrition. By scientific analysis it is found that original Goji berry have a great amount of anti oxidants, which works on the body to eliminate and prevent the affects of growing age. So Goji berry juice is a supplement for the body, which makes the body antioxidant rich and healthy with the growing age.

2 What are the other supplements in Goji juice, which are added in preparing process?

There are no other supplements in Goji berry juice, rather then some of the materials, which are necessary for preserving, and some of the other herbal juices to make it better. There are no sugar, external colors and any kind of sweeteners but only the juice of original Goji berry is used.

3 What is this original Goji berry?

There are found various kinds of fruits, which are told to be the Goji. Sometimes it was even compared to the western wolfberry. Original Goji berry is the berry, which is found in Himalayas. Scientifically it has all the integrants which are the defined for the Goji and it is most antioxidant rich.

4 How many kinds of Goji berry are found?

There are many berries, which are compared with the Goji berry. In Tibet only there are 41 kinds of Goji berry are said to exist. But scientifically the berry, which has most of the good effects on the human body, is here told to be the Original goji from himalaya. So the Goji berry juice is the juice of the Original Goji berry, which is found to be most suitable. It is found on the basis of modern spectrum analysis that true Goji berry juice possesses thoroughly different affects.

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