Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Goji Juice Case studies

Case study 1

H.O. from San Diego, CA had irritable Bowel syndrome that affects the colon and rectum of the digestive tract which she suffered for 20 long years before she bought Digestive Support Formula of Extreme Health. She was not able to digest food containing the lactose. But after using the formula she feels relieved and fatigue free so much so that within a week she plans to start on her daily regimen of exercise and dietary watch and drinking goji juice.

Case study 2

Dr. Dawn Ewing Ph.D., N.D., Author of Let the Truth be Known: Are your teeth making you sick? Makes an interesting observation about Extreme Health’s Digestive Support Formula in a process called chelation wherein better assimilation of vitamins and minerals is possible. He says that for a better chelation, a better digestion capacity is needed and during chelation better support for excretion is needed. Because of the presence of the base vitamins in the formula, the excess metals, chemicals are removed from the arteries which facilitates digestion and liver function in absorbing free radicals.

Case study 3

Another person called L.D. say that he had Crohns disease (chronic diarrhea) for which he was taking steroids. Later on he came to know that steroids have side effects resulting in gastritis. Then he came to know about Digestion Support Formula after taking which his dosage has been on decrease.


Case study 4

Victoria George describes the case of her daughter Hayley who had a poor digestion problem so the undigested food became toxic for her and affected the part of her brain hindering her speech. She was always sick and was weak. She started on the enzyme therapy as a result of which she started eating and gaining weight. She took Thymate and goji juice to build on her immune system. Now she has regained her speech and is able to catch up in her class.

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