Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Goji Juice Research

We have researched goji juice and goji berries thoroughly and have presented the information found in scientific studies here. If you are looking for general information about goji juice, check

There are dozens of species of Lycium that grow wild throughout the world, but not all are edible.

Scientific names: Lycium barbarum; Lycium chinense; Lycium europeaum (These are all different species of the plant, but have similar properties. Many botanists unite the three species under the name L. barbarum, but they are, in fact, distinct. There are several other species that grow throughout Asia, Europe and the US that may contain similar nutritional and anti-aging benefits).

Common names: Gou qi zi, Goji, wolfberry, lycium fruit, bastard jasmine, box thorn, tea tree, matrimony vine

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