Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Home of Healing Plants

The Himalayas, in addition to their pristine beauty enjoy a very diverse landscape. The climate and geology of this region is quite unique and replicated no where else in the world. Imagine the purity of the air and the intensity of the sun found atop the world’s highest altitude on Mt. Everest. Far below in the valleys, the soil is very nutrient rich having formed many years ago in this distinctive landscape which enjoys the best that nature has to offer.

The Himalayas boasts over 18,000 species of exotic plants, many of which are unique only to this unspoiled location. These plants add an unrivaled aesthetic beauty to the Himalayas and over 8,000 of the native plants are thought to have healing and health sustaining qualities. The health benefits of many of these species of plants have been passed down through the generations dating back to ancient times. There is ample evidence of the use and benefits of Goji since early civilization of man.

The Himalayans, the first natural healers, utilized much of their abundant natural resources to promote health and well being. The Himalayans traded healing wisdom with Chinese herbalists and those from Tibet and India as well. The knowledge and tradition of Goji has been cultivated and practiced since ancient time and subsequently spread to other areas of Asia. To reap the benefits of this healing plant, the Goji vine has been transplanted across regions of Asia along with the tradition and knowledge behind Goji.

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