Friday, June 8, 2007

Where Can I Find Goji Products?

As a relative newcomer to natural healing, goji is not yet a regular staple in health food and vitamin stores. Producers of the product have rather strict guidelines about its storage and shelf-life; and these guidelines are difficult for mass outlets to offer.

Currently, the best place to learn about goji and try it for yourself is through the Internet. Just enter the word in your favorite search engine, and you'll be taken to dozens of sites that offer books, newsletters, and all forms of goji products. Some retailers even offer money-back guarantees if you don't achieve beneficial results.

Goji products are a bit "pricey," depending on how much you buy and where you buy it from. It's about as expensive as a prescription medication, and there may be no insurance plan that covers it. So, it really depends on whether you want to spend that kind of money or not.

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