Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How to Grow a Goji Berry Plant

If you have ever considered growing goji berries, you should start off with some basic information such as the fact that the plant's scientific name is Lycium barburum. More commonly known as the goji berry plant, it has an extensive root system that was undoubtedly developed while adapting to the rugged terrain in Mongolia, the plant's native habitat.

Nurseries in Utah have found that the goji berry plant also grows well in that region. Once the plant has been well established, it thrives in the near-drought conditions that exist in and around parts of Utah. Nurseries selling the plant assure local gardeners that a lack of shade should not create problems for a grower of the goji berry plant. The plant prefers full sun.

Those same nurseries have tried to provide the grower of the goji berry plant with information about the primary features of the plant. Yet the information from those Utah nurseries fails to define the exact manner in which the plant develops. The information from the nurseries suggests that the goji berry plant could qualify as either a bush or a vine. It seems to be a bush-like plant with trailing vines that reach out from a bushy center.

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