Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ginseng Tea

While there are numerous claims about the health benefits from drinking Korean Ginseng Tea, we recommend that you try both White Ginseng Tea and Red Ginseng Tea. The difference has more to do with the processing of the root than properties of the root itself. Experts say that it is difficult to distinguish a difference in taste.

Although red ginseng tea costs more than twice as much as white ginseng tea, red ginseng is considerably more popular in the Orient. Korean ginseng tea is more expensive than domestic teas because the root must grow for at least 4 years before it is harvested. Processing is a complicated and painstaking process. Shipping, tariffs, and packaging must also be factored into the final price. As you may have noticed, it is nearly impossible to find Korean red ginseng tea in retail outlets.

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