Saturday, November 22, 2008

Himalayan Goji Juice in the News!

  • Time Magazine Exclaims: "This Year's breakout (super fruit) was the Himalayan Goji Berry, said to be a source of energy and longevity."
  • BBC News Magazine boasts: "Slender celebrities have been singing the praises of Goji"
  • Los Angeles Times reports: "Tibetan and Chinese legends tell of people who lived century-long lives while retaining the strength and beauty of youth -- thanks to Lycium (Goji)."
  • Woman's World headlines: "The Amazing Asian Super-Juice!"
  • New Woman Magazine boasts: "The latest super fruit to take Hollywood by storm is the Himalayan Goji Berry."
  • The Today Show featured "Himalayan Goji Juice as "What's Hot for 2006" "Goji... packed with antioxidants."
  • Woman's Golf says: "Himalayan Goji Berry is the latest super food."


Gojiberries said...

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Gojiberries said...

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