Monday, July 2, 2007

Goji and Pets Testimonials

Being a Goji juice drinker, I decided to start him on an ounce a day. Well, the rest of the story is he has now been drinking Goji juice for the past year, no longer in pain and he is jumping all over even onto my bed. I happen to sleep in an adjustable bed and it doesn't matter how high I have it, he still is able to jump. A real plus, he has stopped snoring which is a trait of the Pugs. Now we are truly a Goji Family.
Elaine, Maryland

Our dog, Teddy, had either an ear infection or ear mites. We tried th e ear cleaner and ear mite medicine from the pet store and with minimal results. We started giving Teddy one ounce of goji at night when mom drinks hers. On day 3, yes, after only 3 days, the symptoms were gone! We're still cleaning some stuff from his ear, but no more rubbing, scratching or tilting his head. I urge you to share goji with the pets you love!
Natalie R., Ohio

Our daughter's guinea pig's skin rash looks better and his fur has grown back beautifully - he loves Goji juice, and I don't believe that a guinea pig is going to be affected by a placebo effect! We know it's the Goji!
Caroline M., Auckland, New Zealand

Roxanne, my 8-year-old black lab, had arthritis and could hardly walk up the steps. But after taking goji for only 1 week she is now back running and playing like a puppy again.
Cheryl C., Virginia

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