Saturday, December 15, 2007

Goji Juice Insomnia

Goji juice is the latest craze among celebrities like Mischa Barton, who claim that her complexion is due to Goji juice. Thousands of people all over the world are claiming that Goji juice has search and anti-aging powers, it gives you more energy, improved sleep, better digestion, and easy weight loss.

However, distributors of Goji juice are not allowed to make claims that would associate Goji juice with a cure for any disease or condition. But that doesn't stop them from doing it, as some go as

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far to say that Goji juice even cures cancer. buy Xango todayThere are no actual studies that support that claim, however some Cancer Center sites note that the polysaccharides contained in Goji juice have shown positive effects when used with certain cancer treatments, thus it is not responsible to claim that Goji juice cures cancer.

A lot of people who take Goji juice claim that the first thing they notice is a big improvement in their quality of sleep. Of course, you will get some distributors that claim Goji juice is an insomnia cure, which again is false because there is no empiricle data that would suggest that Goji juice cures anything. However, there does appear to be a large amount of people who personally testify they are experiencing better sleep by drinking Goji juice.

Matthew Silver, MD is a recently retired family practice physician with more than 18 years of clinical practice. He was recently quoted as saying, "Once I started drinking goji juice, I noted improvement in each one of those areas, most notably, an immediate improvement in my sleep. I now fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly than I have in years."

Dr. Silver is not the only medical doctor that reports benefits from Goji juice. But who can you trust? Do people generally post testimonials because they are selling something -- like Goji juice?

Marc Westaway, MD is a registered medical practitioner in Queensland, Australia who is a strong believer in natural approaches to healing. He was quoted on the subject of Goji juice as saying, "I quickly noticed an improvement of my sleeping patterns, as well as energy levels. I didn't get the 3 p.m. 'fades' as I used to. Since then, I have recommended it to patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as those undergoing chemotherapy."

It is hard to judge whether or not personal testimonies are true, the only thing you can do is do your own research online, you can usually find plenty of unbiased information regarding Goji juice on websites like which is a service of the National Library of Medicine.

You can also try it for yourself to see the lives up to all the hype, just make sure you are buying from a company who offers a money back guarantee -- even if you drink the whole bottle!

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Mrs Robinson said...

Dr Westaway is a fraud. He left Australia as he was caught prescribing a classified drug to his then girlfriend who happend to have a problem with addiction. He is also being investigated as one of the directors of a phone company that has gone bust and the money has disappeared. Dr Westaway also tried to get me to invest in several business ventures one of which tender Centre is already in existance in Oz - he presented the idea as his own he even copied the marketing colours and IT infrastructure. He is 43 and inspite of being a Dr has no assets and no savings and is flat broke. He drives a beat up Ford Escort - beware